9 July 2018

Jerangkang waterfall 2 days 1 night.

hey apenih lama tak update blog. saaaa lazy i cant help it. but this toime kena update sebab kalau tak update lupaa pulek untuk reference in future.

so here you go..

4 wheel:RM40
permit: RM15
duit makan: RM22
transportation: RM50

(all 9 persons)

bahan makan untuk camping.

Roti (2 buku panjang)
cili boh
maggi kari
telur (10 biji)
kentang (10 biji)
sardin (3 tin besar)
mayonis/cili/t.island/sos black pepper
hot dog
burger ayam
ayam marinate
kambing marinate
mineral water

bahan bbq

fire starter
tempat bbq
hirisan kayu

27/4/2018 (Friday)

Around 11pm, berkumpul dekat somewhere seksyen 9, Shah Alam. and then heading to gombak around 12am to pickup some of our friends. so sampai dekat Maran around 2am.

so pergi ke tempat brother yang provide 4 wheels. so naik 4 wheel around 45 minutes. it was so amazing experience. naik 4 wheel at 3am in the morning. it was a roller coaster ride & kena carefull because the bamboo leaf  tu mmg smack je muka korang kalau tak carefull. (based on my experience). lol.

so sampai je dekat jerangkang tu. kena walk a bit to camp site. around 5 minutes sebab tak jauh. and plus walking at midnight mmg tak rasa penat.

28 April 2018 (Saturday)

 sampai je setup khemah and all and we took quick nap. Subuh pukul 630am pon dah cerah. i thought it was 8am in the morning, but boyy i was wrong. hahaha. ambik air wudhu sejuk gilaaaaaa! mcm air ais! and then hereeeeee some of our morning breakfast

insert picture

so lepas mandi pagi, get ready to trekking into the woods!

to be honest, before i go to jerangkang, i did a reading to a few blogs saying it was tiring and exhausting la apa la but to me, honestly it was not tiring and not that bad as what most people portrays. it was fun and the view was so indescribable. cantik sungguh ciptaan Allah :)

i was not sure how many waterfall in jerangkang but each of them are so breath taking. :)
so around 5pm we all get ready to prepare dinner pulak.

and tonight we are having barbeque yassss!

insert picture

after dinner, memang dah takde aktiviti. so the guys semua dah start nak melepet tidur. boring betul dorang ni lol. so while me and my friend washing the dishes at the waterfall nearby our campsite, rupanya ramai kt situ tengah tengok langit ada banyak bintang. sooooooo indescribable. its been an ages tak nampak that kind of view. so kiteorang pon baring and nikmati laaa view yang indahhh tu.

around 12am pon dah tidur. and besoknya dah kena balik sobs!

29 April 2018 (Sunday)

pagi tu macam biasa breakfast and mandi sampai lebam sebelum balik.
pastu singgah makan kancil ikan patin. fuhhh sedappppppp! i'm not a tempoyak lover, but then this one worth try. sedap terox! harga pon tak mahal. around rm15 cmtu.

pastu baru la bertolak balik. sampai shah alam around 6am.

that's all gaisss! now dah rindu nak camp balik! 😓

1 November 2017

SABAH; KK, Kudat & kundasang


My recent trip is to SABAH. My 2nd time yayys! (told ya i'll come back!)😀

Our trip to Sabah this time around is quite bad timing la. Sebab Sabah sekarang musim hujan, ribut sikit and banyak gila pokok tumbang. 😲

but, luck is on our sideeee, so almost of our itinerary is done!✔

just part snorkeling je tak dapat. sobs! (the reason why i came back to Sabah is to try snorkeling but oh well...)


flight ticket: RM 114 *Malaysia Arlines (Return)
flight time: 3.40pm

Kereta Sewa: RM 80 sehari (we took 2 days)

Minyak kereta: RM 160 (sorang RM32) ada lima orang.

Hostel Bed & Breakfast @21: RM 66 (Female Dorm)

Sulap Hostel @ Kundasang: RM45

Desa Cattle Dairy Farm: RM 5

Marakau Fish Spa: RM 3

Chicken wing + nasi + Sup @ Nasi Ayam Antarabangsa: RM 5.40 +RM 3.80= RM 9.20

Makan Seafood @ Todak Waterfront: RM 37.80

 Lokan: RM 12 (besar|)

Puding Kelapa: RM5

Bakso Ayam: RM 5

Zoo Lok Kawi: RM10

Dream Catcher @ Filipino market: RM 10

Ikan bilis: RM 20

Udang Kering: RM 20

Belacan sabah: RM 20

so orait. here the intinerary:

18 Sept 2017 (wednesday)

Sampai dekat KK airport around 630pm. While waiting for our 3 buddies (different flight with em btw.. lol). Wandering around KK airport, look what i found..

RM 15.90
Thought of buying it, but mehhh takpelah. mahal nau.

Pastu around pukul 8pm ambik kereta sewa dekat airport and heading to Todak Waterfront untuk dinner.

seafood time!!!



semua RM189/5: RM 37.80

Actually i was looking forward to eat seafood at Sinar Delima stall because i read most blogger recommend makan dekat situ but then when we came at that time banyak seafood dah sikit hmmp so we chose another restaurant which i cant recall what was the name. hehe (sorry!) but the taste was not that bad.

and then baru check in hostel dekat B&b@21.


19 Sept 2017 (thursday)

We woke up as early as possible. Around 4am dah get ourselves ready and around 5am me and other friends dah on the way to Kudat. The weather as usual, hujan all the way to Kudat. Got banjir also but we managed to get thru (phew!)

so almost 3 hours of journey, alhamdulilah we finally reached to our destination which is TIP OF BORNEO at 830am in the morning. yass!

my first impression was... indescribable. The view so breath taking! 💕

Weather time tu pon on and off. Kejap hujan kejap panas but still we managed to get our best shot muehehe. (thats the most important part ok)

Around 10.30am heading to our next journey to Kundasang. Another 2 hours to go.

Had our lunch at KFC Kota Belud and around 4pm we reached to our hostel at Sulap, Kundasang. It was raining when we reached our hostel. Hujan sampai ke tengah malam. There's not so much things we can do. We just went for a dinner that night at random stall we found in Kundasang town.

Here a pic of our room at Sulap hotel.



20 Sept 2017 (friday)

Woke up at 6am, getting ourselves ready to our next destination, DESA Cattle Dairy Farm. Just 3 minutes from our hostel. Since this is my 2nd time here, kali ni nak cuba yogurt ice cream (sedap sangat!). Walaupon sejuk nak mampus at that time (it was windy as well), makan ice cream pulak lagi, but we don't care! hahaha. Last time beli Choc milk je, so kali ni beli original milk & yogurt ice cream (Original flavor)

me trying selfie with this goat muehehe

rumput: RM1.00

After feeding the calf and all the never-ending-photo- session, we went for breakfast at Nasi Ayam Antarabangsa at Kundasang town. Sedap and recommended kalau nak try their chicken wing. It was the best in town!

sedap oi.

Lepas makan tu, the weather pun okay and dah start panas, so cecepat menuju ke Crystall Hill. Syukur alhamdulilah cuaca okay. Kalau hujan tak dapek panjat and ambik gambar cecantik kat situ.

so calm and peace :)




and around 2pm pergi ke Marakau Fish Spa. Thought of going to the Moroli fish spa, but then one of our friends cakap ada tempat baru so we go to tempat baru because we rare laikdett. LOL. Here are the pictures.

Makan macam vacuum machine haha

and after feeding the fish, terus balik ke KK, on our way to KK, we tried lokan at Jalan Sudirman. Ordered big size punya and also kelapa puding. The taste was not that bad but friends ordered nasi goreng kampung was tasteless and i ordered bakso pun tasteless. lol. what is this. Kalau nak try lokan and kelapa puding jela okay. Other than that tak payah kut. lol.


Puding Kelapa

so reached our hostel b&b@21 at 830pm. Raining as usual. So we just have our rest and lepak and discuss what to do on the next day since snorkeling is totally out of our intinerary. Wanted to go to Mari-Mari Cultural Village (I've already went there btw) but one of my friend out of budget because the tic price is around Rm92. After we discussed, we decided to go to the Zoo! RM10 je. #tipsjimat haha.

21 Sept 2017 (Saturday)

Woke up at 730am. Had our breakfast at the hostel (just roti with some jam, and then ada coffee & tea) and then went to Filipino market. I bought nothing much. Beli ikan bilis, udang kering & belacan je. lol (mak mak sangat because its for my mom & colleague). and also beli dream catcher RM10 for maaaaself. hehe.

Then baru pergi ke Zoo Lok Kawi. To be honest, we are all starving, so masa dekat zoo tu semua macam dah lembik, the one yang paling energetic pon my friend, Hazwan. Excited all the time lol 😂. but i think the zoo was okay-okay lah. The show pon interesting.  Gambar takde, but i did record a video je. 😅

Had our lunch at Tanjung Aru at 2pm. The food was TERRIBLE, 😡 tasteless and expensive. Totally not worth it. Kalau nak dessert i think its okay but food.. two thumbs down.👎👎 mehhhhhhh!



and as usual, the weather was okay. Raining at the beginning but slowly panas and macam biasa baru lah photo shoot session.

and then me & my girl, Lelly decided to go back to KL after that. Boleh suka hati la nak balik bila since we are using MAS standby tic. (we wanted to stay untill Sunday but flight was full) so yang tinggal le boys je sebab dorang punya lain ticket.

Too bad tak dapat pergi Gaya Street because its only operating on Sunday. cis. but maybe next time, Sabah 3.0 perhaps? hhehhehehehe.

For me, trip sabah kali ni memang tak best sangat sebab cuaca totally tak okay. Bila malam je hujan lebat. T_T

Kalau tak, boleh jalan2 to night market, boleh snorkeling but oh well.. redhoo. T_T

So that's it. Till the next trip! bye gais! Thank you for reading :)



31 October 2017


Assalamualaikum & HAI GAIS.

Its been awhileeeeee i havent write blog. (sorry i got life to deal with)

Here intinerary in BANGKOK.

7 Sept 2017

Our flight is at 11am. Arrived in KLIA 2 around 830am something. We arrived pretty much earlier and then the best part delayed another one hour. Gaaaaad knows how 'reput' we are in KLIA 2. 😒

Wandering back and forth in KLIA 2 totally have no idea what to do. One thing that i remember what i do at that time i did LIVE on instagram and totally no viewers at all but eh waitttttt my gf yang ikut travel ni, yeahhh she is the only viewer at that time LOL😂😂😂. Funny and annoying at the same time. Like duhh. hahahah!

and then around 1230pm baru lah calling for flight. LIKE GADDDD FINALLY!
Flight around 2 hours.

Sampai je dekat airport 230pm something. First thing first we bought sim card 86t thai baht and then we called grab to pick us up and go straight to our hostel 'MEET UP HOSTEL' (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). Journey from airport to Meet Up Hostel is around one hour.

Meet up hostel: 3 bed 4800thai baht for 4 nights. so sorang 1600 thai baht
Grab car: 354thai baht so bahagi 3 orang is 118thai baht. :)

hereeee a pichaaa

4pm: makan2 Farida Fatornee (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR TOMYAM) sedap nak mampus.

530pm: wandering around Bangkok. First pergi ke Masjid Darul Aman and along the way to masjid ada muslim street food memang halal and bought pancake and cucuk2 tu. Ya Allah semua sedapzz😍.

Pancake (sedap)

ni dekat 7E dorang nihhh

Lepastu naik LRT Ratchadewi and bermula lah hop from one place to another.

Basically the mall was okay-okay lah. Sama je macam dekat Malaysia. So masuk pun sebab nak aircond (sebab suhu sekeliling Ya Allah bahang sangat).

MBK -> Siam paragon -> LRT mo chit station tu Rotfai Night Market. and took grab to go to Rotfai Night Market.

Rotfai Night Market ni tempat orang jual barang vintage, barang rare, bundle kasut yang super murahhh. You can get a minimum RM20 a pair of shoes dekat sini dengan kualiti kasut yang nampak cantik, kemas & seakan kasut baru. Pastu ada jual accessories, ada jual pet hamagahhh u name it! semua ada!

Green tea: 40 Thai Baht

yang ni sedap mampus rasa nak nangis sebab sedap sangat!

bought two pair of bundle shoes

vans: 800 thai baht
converse: 700 thai baht


8 Sept 2017 

Yassss this is the  highlight of my trip in Bangkok 'MAE KLONG TRAIN STATION'.

 Gad knows how struggle we are to get ourselves  here T_T.

 To get to here actually really simple. From lrt to Mo Chit station and then just take a van from victory monument.

but we didnt see any vans around there so we are likeee so dumb and decided to take mrt to Bangkok train station to Mae Klong train station and guess what? we took the wrong way. So its pretty messed up.

We took grab to Wai Tian train station and stop somewhere in Mahachai train station and we took tuk tuk to Ferry station to cross the river to aboard train from Ban Laem station and to finally to Mae Klong station.

So lebih kurang camni lah dia punya journey 🚆🚇🚐🚘🚣

Lrt Mo Chit ->  MRT from Mo Chit -> Wai Tian Train Station -> Mahachai Train station -> Ferry -> Ban Laem Train station -> MAE KLONG Train station

ni rasa macam yogurt drink camtu

Kenapa takde dekat Malaysia T_T

ni lah train ke Mae Klong

hamagah sampai jugak!


coconut shake

Fuhhhh what an adventurous journey we had!! dah la cuaca panas gilaaaaaaaa and the train got no aircond. It just a small fan. Memang sedih! T_T

but the best part is, we got the experience inside the train. :')

So we chill and ordered a drink and after half an hour another train arrived and we got another experience to see the train coming. yayssssss!

After that we took this blue car (the one belakang gambar i tu) and go to Amphawa floating market


mm tak sedap!

ini sedap!

told ya benda ni sedap ya ampun

Aphawa Floating Market
bought this at Amphawa Floating Market 80 Thai baht

Along the way nak pergi Amphawa nii ada lebih kurang macam pasar malam. So all kind of food available. I saw my fav, Miangkham! hehehehe. (tapi tak beli nape tah)

So dekat Amphawa ni macam biasa jela. Tak naik floating boat pun. Macam biasa2 je. Rasanya meriah lagi dekat Damnoen Saduak floating market. We didnt go to Damnoen Saduak floating market tu sebab dekat trip advisor ramai gila bagi bad review. Ada yang kata smelly la, and then banyak scam la lol so we decided to just go to Amphawa lagi pon dah skali jalan dengan Mae Klong train market. hehe.

so nak balik tu depan Amphawa floating market ni ada tempat ticket van balik ke bandar Bangkok balik. harga dalam 80 Thai baht je rasanya. (lupa).

Had our dinner at Nissaree Restaurant. Tomyam dia sedap jugak tapi sedap lagi dekat Fareeda Fatonee tu. hehe.

 9 Sept 2017

Hereeee the place we excited the most. SHOPPING TIME @ Chatuchak Market.

lunch @ Saman Muslim restaurant (sedap woi)

List that i bought in chatuchak market

ear ring: 100 thai baht
beg: 450
small fan: 100
pants: 100
tie dye cardigan: 300
shade: 200
mango shake: 50
stokin (6 pcs): 100
beef noodle (saman islamic restaurant): 190
fridge magnet: 230
passport cover: 80
spect: 100

and then we went to platinum mall .I bought 3 bohemian clothes. 600 thai baht and 2 necklace around 200 thai baht

and then that night we went to Khao San Road. There 's so many pub and people partying. Enjoy at first 20 minutes and then pufff terus rasa serabut. lol. And decided to go back to hostel around 1am and went to 7E beli maggi cup and have supper with them girls. :')

10 Sept 2017

 Went to WAT PHO temple. First time merasa hujan dekat Bangkok weh. Disebabkan kekangan duit dan masa, we went to one temple only. Price ticket only 100 thai baht.

To get to here, simple je.  From Ratchadewi LRT, go to National Stadium and exchange train to Saphan Taksin. From there walk a bit ada boat/ferry untuk ke temple. Harga dalam 200 thai baht rasanya. Can't recall sorry gais!

entrance ticket

hujan renyai time ni

11 Sept 2017

Prepare ouself to go back. Before flight we had our last lunch at Usman Muslim Restaurant and i had Pad Thai. sedap gak!

tak payah batang daun tu pon tak pe kot hmm

Flight macam biasa delayed sampai pukul 7pm lol. Actual flight time is 5pm lol. Sampai rumah around 11pm.

barang2 yg dah beli
my travel girls

sikit gila pulut. -_- beli dekat airport

cake pisang

so cute right!
snek untuk perut

Alhamdulilah. Gonna miss all the food!!