8 December 2015



My Singapore trip was in 2014 and stay in Singapore for 2 days 1 night only. yeap. not enough to explore but we use the day as much as we could. teheheeee. Our budget only RM400 for 2 days 1 night

DAY 1 

Shah Alam to Woodland bus ticket is around RM80+ *sorry tak ingat exact amount lol* and then bas kalau betolak dari Shah Alam akan berhenti ke Klang Sentral 1st and then to Terminal Bersepaadu Selatan (TBS). So ada 3 pit stop baru la bertolak terus ke JB  (Larkin) and then drop orang di Larkin. To make it easy its like this:

Shah Alam -> Klang Central -> TBS -> Larkin -> Woodland

Arrived Woodland around 4:30am in the morning .

 Settle Passport apa semua around 7am baru la dapat keluar cari bas dekat Woodland tu ke MRT. At 1st we were so blur so we start to ask people around and surprisingly Singapore people were so niceeeee. Ada one lady ask us whether we need help masa tgh cari bas to MRT and then the bas only receive coins/kad. (this kad boleh purchased dekat mana2 station MRT) and then this lady lend us her coins. awww so nice. Thank you.

and then bila dh smpi ke MRT. We go get the map and bought card *can topup in 7-Eleven* then start our journey to our hostel located at Chinatown.

Our Morning view in Chinatown

So reached Hostel (Chinatown Backpackers Hostel) around 830am cmtu and price per night round RM80/bed (1 room 4 bed) then mandi2 siap2 and head to USS (Universal Studio Singapore)  around 920am and reach USS around 940am.

gotta cencored my ugly face lol :p
MRT Singapore so fast and punctual. so we managed to get to USS on time! as USS opening at 10am. hehehehe.How much USS ticket we purchased? aaaa around RM 145 *Non peak season* (original price ticket RM210). we bought it fromt this dealer, Arissa Trading.

and then main la semua benda dalam USS tu sampai la around 5pm cmtu. The best part in USS are Transformers and Pyramid roller coaster! paling best dan paling kena ulang banyak kali lol




then dah settle at USS we went back to our hostel and then jalan2 malam di Singapore and cari makan.

nothing much interesting at night in Chinatown tapi banyak club & bars. If u r paaarty girl/guy u probably like this place ;)


So we had breakfast with Mee Maggi. lol. and then we start our next destination to Bugis street.
In MRT heading to Bugis Street.

if u r looking for souvenirs and some cool stuff u can actually find it at here! there r selling shoes, handbag, foods and lotsa more. The walking path is a bit small and crowded.

Bugis Street
somewhere near Bugis Street

 so around 12pm our next place is to  Haji Lane.

yes. Haji Lane is a must go. The graffiti Art really cantik.The shops also so vintage. Haji Lane ni tersorok sikit tempat dia. Sebabkan dia tersorok so quite far juga kiteorg kena jalan. so Haji Lane is just near to Bugis street. and near to Arab street. U can always ask people around :)



and then around 3pm we went to  Marina Bay. kalau Naik MRT to Marina bay, need to walk quite far gak laaa. time tu la dah la bawa backpack semua pehhhhh dia punya berat bahu tu indescribable T_T
so butttt worthhhh it la Marina Bay is a sucha nice placeeee. You can see people jogging, skating, dating and cute guys too! LOL

amazing Architecture in Marina Bay

 after that, we took mrt and went sight seeing in Orchard Road.

my face not that important rigt. lewlz

and then after that we head to homeeee at 8pm and bye bye Singaporeeee!

so bas to Shah Alam from Larkin is around RM 60+ *tak ingat the exact amount*

and thenn reached Shah Alam around 12:30pm.

That's it! sorry for not remember the exact amount but i hope i help u a bit of getting to singapore without spending too much money!